Private Investigators

Finding evidence to protect you, your family and your business.

If you feel you need a private investigator, then you have a serious personal or business issue that requires expert assistance. Private investigators find evicence and information that may protect you, your family or your business.

A professional private investigator is licensed, has extensive experience, abides the law, advises you on your situation (without any interest for themselves), and explains what they can and cannot do to help you. And they should always give you a free consultation.


When choosing a private investigator, ask the right questions.

Whether or not you choose Jermaine A. Hopkins ask the right questions so you can hire a private investigator worth his or her salt.

Questions to ask potential private investigators:

Is the private investigator licensed?

California is one of the more demanding states with regard to the requirements for private investigators. Currently California requires the following to become a private investigator: A criminal history background check through the California Department of Justice (DOJ), 6,000 hours of field work and the passing of a California administered test.

Jermaine A. Hopkins operates under Bureau of Security and Investigative Services license no. PI188325.

Does the private investigator have a background in law enforcement?

A good private investigator in California will have a background in some sort of law enforcement and have many years of professional private investigation experience. Find out.

Jermaine possesses over eighteen years of investigative experience, including fourteen years of law enforcement experience.

Can the private investigator testify in a court of law?

In the litigious state of California, a good private investigator will know the system and how to work within it.

Investigations should not only yield court-admissible evidence but your investigator should also be able and ready to testify in support of this evidence. Many private investigators do not have this experience or background.

Jermaine A. Hopkins locates and collects court-admissible evidence and has been qualified as an expert in a court of law.

Does the private investigator clearly define the fees involved?

When you contact a private investigator, explain the service you would like performed and ask how much it will cost.

A professional private investigator will provide an accurate estimate and will not exceed the quote without your approval. Your first conversation with any reputable private investigator should always be at no charge.

Jermaine A. Hopkins will always provide you with an estimate upon our first conversation.  All consultations remain free and confidential.

Get a free consultation.

Do you have a good gut-feeling about the private investigator?

Private investigators know that very often your intuition is correct. When you speak for the first time, ask yourself if you feel a good about it. What is your immediate gut reaction?

Make sure the private investigator thoroughly understands your situation and that you feel comfortable. You should feel he/she is looking out for your best interests. Your needs should always come before money.

We help you with the next steps.

After you find out the truth, no matter what the outcome is – we can help you with the next steps.

Friendly. Approachable.

The idea of calling a private investigator can be intimidating. You will find us friendly and down-to-earth.

Referrals to trusted experts.

We’ve built a solid network of trusted attorneys and other professionals – in Northern California and nationwide.


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