Mission Statement

We are dedicated, professsional private investigators with a love for inquiry, truth, and, above all, justice. We have a passion for the services that we provide, a passion for our coworkers, and ultimately a passion for our clients. We are committed to constant improvement, our people, and most importantly, client satisfaction.

Our dedication to people and our compassion for people are our competitive edge —

exceptional quality and individual attention for exemplary rates are simply part of the deal.

Company Core Values


Not only to fully understand our clients’ desires, but for all people with whom we interact with professionally.


Leading by example — developing a positive team of professionals. Great attitudes inspire great outcomes.


Doing what’s right — both legally and morally — to establish a foundation of trust, safety and ethical conduct for all interactions.

Respect and Appreciation 

Working together and appreciating the value and diversity and rights of everyone.

Personal Courage

Face fear, danger, or adversity, both physically and morally.


Bearing true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, our co-workers, and to the client.

Satisfaction and Enjoyment 

Improving the lives of people our clients — without subjecting others to unnecessary harm — through high-quality services that reflect our personal and professional aspirations makes us happier in our work lives, and in life in general.

Vision Statement

Client Satisfaction

Deliver world-class service and earn loyal clients through trust, respect, and the consistent quality of our services which are based upon personal values.

Constant Improvement

Continually push ourselves to the leading edge, never becoming complacent and always striving to become better.

Excellent Employer

Our belief in servant leadership provides a professional and fun environment that enables each associate to achieve his/her personal and professional best.