Services for Attorneys

The following is a list of services we provide for divorce attorneys, independent attorneys, and law firms:

  • Criminal Defense Investigation
  • Pre-litigation Investigation
  • Trial preparation
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Taking legal statements/declarations via recorded, transcribed, and/or sworn statements
  • Locating individuals of interest
  • Counter Surveillance – to determine whether your client is being monitored
  • Provide courtroom testimony
  • Referrals to related industry professionals (i.e. attorneys (most fields) marriage counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and evaluators)
  • Assisting your corporate clientele
  • Service of Process
  • Skip Tracing
  • Asset Searches/Investigations

I provide expert and affordable surveillance services.

Whether it’s a criminal or civil case, my services may potentially uncover evidence necessary to reach a positive outcome for your client. I have previously been qualified as an expert witness in police policies and procedures, impaired driving, free speech, and arrest, search, and seizure in the Travis County District Court of Texas and in the Austin (Texas) Municipal Court.

Contact me for a free consultation.  I remain readily available to discuss your case as needed. I can generally tailor my services to conform to your needs or requirements. I am confident that I can assist you, and your clients, in obtaining the best possible evidence for a favorable legal outcome.